Our Story

How It Began

One adventurer's dream turned into every adventurer's new favorite tool.

As an avid adventurer I have always spent the majority of my time outdoors in the beautiful Pacific Northwest that I call home. For the past five years every one of my summers has been spent free diving the local lakes and rivers. Being limited to 1-2 minutes under water left me wanting something more. I became scuba certified and took on that hobby as well, yet it still wasn't what I was looking for. Heavy scuba gear, expensive maintenance costs, and having to refill tanks at a local dive shop - not ideal.

That's when it hit me. I could combine free diving with scuba diving to create the exact tool I needed. After months of rigorous trial and error I finally created my working prototype of Dive Portable Lungs. I took to Kickstarter to share my idea with my fellow adventuring friends, and I was overwhelmed by the amount of interest and support I received from around the world. With all of the support I received I have been able to make Dive Portable Lungs available worldwide for any and every adventurer out there!