Large Dive Portable Lungs Kit

Large Dive Portable Lungs Kit

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1 - 1L Self Refillable Scuba Tank

1 - Light weight 3000PSI hand pump

1 - Cross Body Bag

1 - Set of Regulators 



Go on New Adventures
Dive Oceans!

Go diving anywhere in the world! Look at beautiful reefs to the beautiful fish. your new journeys lye in your hands

Dive In Rivers!

Instead of lugging around 150+ Pounds of scuba gear. just bring your 6lb tank and go see what you can find! every body of water is completely different and rarely seen! you really never know what you'll see.

Fun For Everyone!

Take in on a plane or in your car, fits easily in any backpack!

Adventure Starts Here!

Our design was made for everyone! Portable, compact and Excellent quality. 


I absolutely love it. My friends and I can't get enough!

Morgan Meadows

Its super easy to use which I really appreciate. my kids always have a blast using it.

Cooper A